Articles in Press

Volume 1 Issue 2


Comparative Study on the Efficacy of Acidic and Enzymatic Hydrolysis for the Production of Bioethanol Using Cellulose (Sawdust)

Baki A S1, Bello A2*, Mohammad U-K1, Farouq A A1, Yahaya M A3, Gambo A1, Ahmad U S4, Zaid S4

Energy as an inevitable human tool for survival has been in focus for time immemorial, as it must have begun since the beginning of life on earth. Biofuel (bioethanol), is one of the resources of energy which is receiving great attention worldwide. The use of sawdust as cellulose substrate was considered in this work. Two methods of hydrolysis were employed. The enzymatic hydrolysis using Aspergillus niger and Acidic hydrolysis using 5% Sulphuric acid (H2SO4).


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